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Personal training

It’s a misunderstanding that training is a “luxury” only rich people can afford. Everybody can benefit immensely from one-on-one help from a certified fitness professional, since your body is the only investment that continually gives back to you. Our coaches are professional, caring, and deliver customized exercise and lifestyle programming to help you realize the best version of your physical, emotional and mental self. We wouldn’t skimp on buying clothes and shoes, so why not come in for a potentially life-changing appointment with one of our trainers today!


“The classes you want and need, the energy to live your best life.”

Come be a part of a community that moves and motivates together, virtually or in-person. All classes are included in your membership and are the perfect way to stay inspired and challenged, all while having a great time.

Join our diverse and effective group classes sessions for extra motivation. There is a wide variety to choose from, and our trainers lead classes ranging from Dance-based Fitness to HIIT workouts, ensuring there’s an offering for all needs and fitness levels.

Nutrition Programs

Whatever your stage in life, our targeted Nutrition products give you the right balance of essential nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health. We specialize in weight loss, muscle gain, energy-boosting and overall health programs.

Our nutrition cafe puts the world’s most nutrient-rich supplements under the spotlight. Our delicious and vibrant menu was carefully put together in-house, with both health and performance in mind. We pride ourselves on not cutting any corners, partnering up with a brand who themselves have a 40-year track record of using the highest quality ingredients in every item served. From delicious shakes to innovative recovery supplements (have you ever had a collagen shot??), we’ve got you covered. Come by for a shake in Toronto’s first Crypto-friendly café. Our menu promises to satisfy and rejuvenate. Remember, a healthy body equally needs to host a healthy mind!




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Monday-Friday: 7am – 9pm

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